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Elf Ludo on SlideMe

Elf Ludo is available on SlideMe.org now

Get the Elf Ludo Android app from SlideME.

Elf Ludo for Android

Android version of Elf Ludo is released for FREE on Google Play Store today!

Download it from Google Play!

Elf Ludo

The most popular family board game with cute graphics now on Android!
Elf Ludo is similar game like the well known Indian table game called Pachisi. The game knows as ‘Ludo’, ‘Pacheesi’, ‘Twenty-Five’, ‘Sorry!’, ‘Ki nevet a végén’, ‘Mensch ärgere dich nicht’ and many more.

iPad and iPhone versions are coming 10th May…

Our old handheld and mobile games

My friend has posted a screenshot of an unfinished Tapwave Zodiac game on Facebook today. As a result I dusted my handhelds standing in the drawer for a long-long time.


We have developed cool games between 2003 and 2006 for Gameboy Advance, Tapwave Zodiac and Nokia N-Gage platforms. Let’s see some of them.

Terminator 3 for Tapwave Zodiac, Nokia N-Gage

Terminator 3 on Zodiac

Terminator 3 Annihilation is a first person shooter game, based on the box office blockbuster.

Terminator 3 Screens

Franklin the Turtle

Franklin GBA

Gameboy Advance version of Franklin the Turtle, based on the cartoon-series. The game contains 20 mini-games and more than 10 hours gameplay.

The original cartridge:

Franklin Cartridge

Indie game dev. – Game Developers Forum 2012

Presentation about the indie game development.