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List of “Unity-enabled” portals

http://shockwave.com (web + standalone)
http://facebook.com (web)
http://myspace.com (web)
http://candystand.com (web + standalone)
http://miniclip.com (standalone)
http://kongregate.com (web???)
http://wooglie.com (web + standalone)
http://gamejolt.com (web + standalone)
http://blurst.com (web + standalone)
http://bigfishgames.com (standalone)
http://realarcade.com (standalone)
http://boonty.com (standalone)
http://reflexive.net (standalone)
http://musegames.com (web + standalone)
http://www.cartoonnetwork.com (web)
http://store.steampowered.com (standalone)
http://www.indiepubgames.com (web)
http://www.dailygames.com (web)
http://www.juegosdiarios.com (web)

What are we doing when doesn’t make games?

We are doing the same thing here at Artex Studios, Inc. like guys at Dejobaan Games… Dancing SALSA all night long!

Erika Salamon (Artist), Jozsef Trencsenyi (CEO, Lead Programmer)

Win a free copy of Fairy Cubes

Win a free promo code for our upcoming iPhone/iPad puzzle game Fairy Cubes.
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Fairy Cubes Contest soon…

Fairy Cubes Spark Logo
We will start a Fairy Cubes contest soon. Please follow us on twitter!


Fairy Cubes Anaglyph 3D