Our old handheld and mobile games

My friend has posted a screenshot of an unfinished Tapwave Zodiac game on Facebook today. As a result I dusted my handhelds standing in the drawer for a long-long time.


We have developed cool games between 2003 and 2006 for Gameboy Advance, Tapwave Zodiac and Nokia N-Gage platforms. Let’s see some of them.

Terminator 3 for Tapwave Zodiac, Nokia N-Gage

Terminator 3 on Zodiac

Terminator 3 Annihilation is a first person shooter game, based on the box office blockbuster.

Terminator 3 Screens

Franklin the Turtle

Franklin GBA

Gameboy Advance version of Franklin the Turtle, based on the cartoon-series. The game contains 20 mini-games and more than 10 hours gameplay.

The original cartridge:

Franklin Cartridge