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Android Game Install Troubleshooting Guide

Message “Installing app unsuccessful – unknown error -18”

Solution A:
Hook up phone with computer, browse to .android_secure on SD card and delete the file smdl2tmp1.asec

Solution B:
1. Unmount SD card (in Settings => Storage => …)
2. Install the game
3. Mount SD Card (in Settings => Storage => …)

The game does not start after installation / update

Restart phone.

The game icon disappear after update

Restart phone.

The game does not download from Android Market

1. Settings => Applications => Manage Applications => All
2. Select Download Manager
3. Clear data

Message “Sorry, there is not enough space to install this item”

Go to Desktop or Web Browser Android market and click install. For whatever reason doing a remote install that way started the download on phone and installed it fine.

ViewSonic G Tablet – The game cannot be found on Android Market

Perform “2nd Market Fix” described here:

For DROID x2 users

You must have the phone connected to your computers USB while downloading the Android market place apps.

For Samsung Galaxy S / Samsung Fascinate users

Please upgrade your phone to Froyo (Android OS 2.2) because Android OS 2.1 has a serious bug and the game does not run.

Please let us know if you have other problems or workarounds.

Thank you for our Slovakian friends at Art in Games for the original documentation!

Android App of the Day

Today’s Free Game on ‘Android App of the Day’ is Fairy Mahjong 3D. Please download and share it with your friends!

Fairy Cubes on Gamezebo

Fairy Cubes review on Gamezebo:

Ad-supported free version of Fairy Cubes for Android

Ad-supported free version of Fairy Cubes for Android is available:

Fairy Cubes for Android review on Android Tapp – 4.5/5 stars!

A great review by Heaven DeHoff about Fairy Cubes for Android:

Android Tapp

Fairy Cubes for Android is available


Budapest, Hungary, April 29th, 2011 – Artex Studios, Inc. announces the immediate
availability of Fairy Cubes for Android.

Fairy Cubes have skill based, unique 3-matching and mahjong game-plays and will
appeal to action and puzzle game lovers alike!

“After a successful release on iOS we have released our game on Android too. This
game is perfect for Android gamers of all ages!” – said József Trencsényi, CEO and
founder of Artex Studios, Inc. and owner of portal.

Game features:

* Skill based game-play elements
* 45 levels and counting
* Power-ups
* High-quality 3D HD graphics
* Impressive sound effects
* and many more…

Compatible with Android 2.0+

Pricing and Availability:

Fairy Cubes can be purchased from the only for $2.99:


Official trailer:

About Artex Studios, Inc.

Artex Studios, Inc. is a Hungary based independent game developer company founded
by József Trencsényi. Artex has been creating high-quality games for Windows, Mac
OS X, Linux, arcade, handheld and mobile platforms since 1999. Artex is recognized
for games like Franklin the Turtle for GameBoy Advance, Mahjong Zodiac and Happy
Melodies for Windows and Linux, Fairy Cubes for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android,
Windows, Mac OS X and web.


József Trencsényi
CEO, Lead Programmer

Fairy Cubes for Android

Android Logo

Fairy Cubes for Android is done.
We will release it soon on

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