Five star

We would like to say thanks to our customers for their reviews:

Great Game

This game is so good. The graphics are the best I have seen in any game and a very good job by the developer. Thanks for making such a nice and fun game. I tried the lite deleted it and bought the full. It is a must game to have on your iPad.” – Foxie Lee, US

Excellent variation on Mahjong/Match-3 games

This is a very addictive game. You’ll find yourself playing “Just one more” level, and then some. The animation of the rotating cubes is extremely fluid, and the challenge level ramps up really nicely. This is definitely worth the dollar asking price for the introductory period. Anyone who likes mahjong or match-3 games will be very happy with this game. It’s lots of fun. Note from my wife: In the higher levels, if you lose your focus for even a minute, you’re done for ! So turn off that TV and send your significant other to his/her favorite easy chair when you want to seriously tackle this game.” – Guy and Jakie, US

I love this highly addictive and innovative game

Wow and wow, i never expected this game to be this good. Easy to learn, one of the best controls in any game and so much fun. I love it. The easy level is the best to start with thou and as you increase the difficulty so it becomes more challenging to complete. PERFECT GAME.” – Bmimam, UK

Casual Excitement

At first , I didn’t know exactly what i was doing but then after a minute or two it clicked. The soundtrack is soothing. The graphics (environment and cubes) are very polished and the developer took their time with everything involved. I am glad i came across this game and will try to beat all the levels and hopefully see more projects from the developer as well. Nicely done!” – Rareoners, US

Great app

Fab puzzle game for young and old” – Bugrew, UK

brilliant Game

Tried The Light Version……Just Had To Have The Full Game! Good Game For All Ages!! Bargain Price:)” – The boss in the house, UK