Twitter, blog and price cut of Mahjong Zodiac™ for Windows

[PRESS RELEASE] – Twitter, blog and price cut of Mahjong Zodiac™ for Windows

Artex Studios, Inc.® today has announced a new Twitter feed, blog and price cut of Mahjong Zodiac™ for Windows.

Budapest, Hungary, June 9, 2009 – Artex Studios, Inc.® – the owner of portal – today announced the Twitter news feed at, launch a blog at and a price cut up to 50% from the new version of Mahjong Zodiac™ for Windows.
“We would like to publish detailed information, screenshots and videos to our gamers, developing and publishing partners and the media representatives at and offer some short and interesting news at and ” – said Jozsef Trencsenyi, CEO and founder of Artex Studios, Inc.® and

Artex Studios, Inc.® has released a new version of its Mahjong Zodiac™ game while lowering the price. The new version brings significant improvements and bug fixes to play the game more intuitively. The price has also been lowered to better reflect the market expectations.
“We have got a great game and we want to make it affordable for even more customers and spread to a wider audience” – said Mr. Trencsenyi.

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Mahjong Zodiac™:

About Artex Studios, Inc.®

Artex Studios, Inc.® is a Hungary based independent casual game developer company founded by Jozsef Trencsenyi. Artex creates high-quality games for Windows, MacOSX, Linux, console, handheld and mobile platforms since 1999. The company is located in Budapest. Artex is recognized for games like Franklin the Turtle™ for GameBoy Advance; Happy Melodies™ for Windows, Mahjong Zodiac™ for Windows, iPhone, WiiWare; STR8 Racing™ for Flash 9 and Road Rage: Rampage Edition™ for iPhone, WiiWare.
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